Workers Day 2023: Jandor congratulates Lagos Workers, says better days ahead


The Lagos PDP governorship candidate in the March 18th Guber election, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (JANDOR) congratulates all workers in Lagos state on the occasion of this year’s International Workers’ Day.

He reiterated his acknowledgment and commendation of the incredible sacrifices and contributions of the workers to enhance the realization of the desired growth and development of the state.

Dr. Adediran appreciates the critical roles being played by the esteemed workers in ensuring that the economy of the state is not run aground by the corrupt hegemony that has held the state by the jugular over the years. He stated that the state’s economy would have been in a more dire state without the patriotic and unwavering commitment and dedication to duty of the workers.

“On this occasion of Workers’ Day, I urge you to celebrate with hope, knowing that you have an advocate in me, and our shared desire of birthing a government that will truly prioritize the interest of the workers is still much on course”, he said.


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