Enugu residents defy Governor’s directive, continue observing sit-at-home


Residents of Enugu State have defied the state government’s directives on the Monday compulsory sit-at-home order issued by the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), as roads, schools, banks, markets and other public places were completely deserted.

The State Governor, Peter Mbah had on June 1 declared “no more sit-at-home in Enugu,” effective Monday, June 5, asking individuals and corporate organisations to ensure full-scale business activities in the state.

Mbah stated that his government would be ready to engage in dialogue with people who have genuine grievances so as to foster lasting peace and security in Enugu State, adding that the order dwindles creativity and productivity of the people.

It is not uncommon for residents in the state to wake up to stories of the untimely death of some who disobeyed the unauthorised sit-at-home order.


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