Troops neutralize terrorists in Kaduna, capture arms, destroy insurgents’ administrative refuge


Troops of the Nigerian Army deployed for counter terrorism operations in Kaduna State in a daring response to actionable intelligence have neutralized some terrorists and thwarted the activities of violent extremists and abduction of farmers in Giwa Local Government Area of the state.

The operation, which targeted the terrorists” stronghold in Basurfe village, southwest of Kidandan, was conducted after intelligence confirmation that the terrorists were using the village as their administrative refuge. As troops approached the village, they were met with an ambush but the troops with tactical prowess, fought their way through, forcing the insurgents to scatter in various directions.

In the heat of the confrontation, troops spotted some of the terrorists attempting to escape the area on motorbikes and effectively engaged them, neutralizing two terrorists. The valiant troops also captured two AK-47 rifles, three magazines and a motorbike. The operation further gained momentum as the troops discovered the insurgents’ administrative refuge, situated on a strategic high ground and the gallant soldiers launched a ferocious onslaught and dislodged the enclave.

In a statement the army noted that the dislodgement led to seizure of a Semi-Automatic Pump-action rifle, 16 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), two Baofeng communication radio sets and a bag containing medical supplies, tobacco hand gloves and face masks. It was later discovered that this area used to serve as a medical center for the treatment of wounded terrorists, a place for the insurgents to recoup and relaunch attacks.

According to the army, this operation underscores the troops’ commitment to combating terrorism and ensuring the restoration of peace and stability in Kaduna State and the nation at large.


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