Monday, April 22, 2019

Teacher allegedly orders schoolgirl set on fire for accusing him of sexual harassment

A schoolgirl was burned to death in Bangladesh on the orders of her head teacher after she reported him for sexually harassing her, police said Friday.

Good Friday: 13 killed as church roof collapses in South Africa

The tragedy comes as Easter celebrations begin on Good Friday.

Lyra McKee: Suspected terrorists shoot journalist dead in UK

A journalist has been shot dead during violence in Londonderry that police are treating as a "terrorist incident".

EU tells UK to “cool down, rethink Brexit”

Britain should use the next few months to “cool down and rethink” its decision to leave the European Union, the socialist candidate to head the next European Commission, Frans Timmermans, said

Women who shout “Jesus!” during sex will go to hell – Ghanaian pastor

Do you agree with the man of God?

Chad: 7 soldiers killed, 15 injured in Boko Haram attack

Seven Chadian Soldiers have been killed in an attack by Boko Haram, Azem Bermendoa Agouna an army spokesman said on Monday.

Fire engulfs Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris

A major fire broke out at Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris on Monday, a roaring blaze at one of France’s most visited landmarks that threw a huge plume of smoke across the capital.

Sudan coup leader steps down as protests continue

The head of Sudan's military council has stepped down a day after long-time leader Omar al-Bashir was toppled in a coup
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